Lifeline Support

Lifeline Program Issues

Most issues related to the Lifeline Program must be resolved by your phone/internet company. USAC does not have access to your Lifeline account, billing information, Lifeline application, or identity documentation.

Your Company State Regulatory Commission
USAC Federal Communications Commission

Step 1 – Determine Your Issue. I Want To...

Apply for Lifeline
Contact a participating phone/internet company directly to apply for a Lifeline benefit.
Report a Problem
For problems with your service such as lost or broken handsets, obtaining more minutes, terminating service, billing disputes, or other issues, please contact your company directly.
Verify My Identity
If the Lifeline Program cannot verify your identity, you must contact your company directly to resolve the issue. You may be required to submit additional proof of identity
Resolve Duplicate/Existing Service Issue
If your company finds an existing Lifeline benefit under your name, you need to transfer the Lifeline benefit to the company of your choice (see "Switch Companies" below).
If your company finds an existing Lifeline benefit at your address, you need to complete a household worksheet (provided by your company) that verifies more than one "household" resides at your address.
Each year you must certify that you are still eligible to receive the Lifeline Program benefit. Contact your company to find out when they will ask you to recertify your eligibility this year.
Switch Companies
You may transfer your Lifeline benefit to another company once every sixty (60) days for voice service and once every 12 months for internet service (certain exceptions apply). To transfer your benefit, contact a different company that offers Lifeline and ask them to transfer your Lifeline benefit to them. If you already cancelled/terminated your Lifeline benefit, you may reapply as soon as your previous company notifies USAC of the termination and your account has been de-enrolled from Lifeline.
Report Fraud
If you have information about a household that is fraudulently receiving Lifeline, or receiving more than one Lifeline benefit, please contact the FCC's Lifeline Fraud Tip Line at (855) 455-8477 or via email.
If you would like to report a phone/internet company committing waste, fraud, or abuse in the Lifeline Program, please visit the Whistleblower Alert page.

Step 2 – Contact Your State Regulatory Commission

If your company is uncooperative or unresponsive...
Please contact your state regulatory commission, which has jurisdiction over telecommunications companies.

Step 3 – Contact Us

If you have exhausted all the options above...
If you continue to have problems, please email Lifeline Support or call (888) 641-8722 then press 1 for additional assistance.
Consumers who have not been able to resolve their issues through the steps listed above can call the FCC Customer Help Center at (888) 835-5322 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM ET Monday - Friday for assistance. Spanish speaking callers can press 2 for information in Spanish. TTY users can call (888) 835-5322 and video phone users can call (844) 432-2275.