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NamePhoneService Type
Access Wireless 888-900-5899Wireless
Air Voice Wireless 888-944-2355Wireless
American Assistance 866-966-2628Wireless
Amerimex Communications 800-801-9080Wireless
Appalachian Wireless 800-438-2355Wireless
Assurance Wireless 888-898-4888Wireless
AT&T Mobility 800-377-9450Wireless
Blue Jay Wireless 855-425-8529Wireless
Bluegrass Cellular 800-928-2355Wireless
Boomerang Wireless 866-488-8719Wireless
Budget Mobile 888-777-4007Wireless
Cellular One 800-934-3996Wireless
Easy Wireless 855-574-2036Wireless
Life Wireless 888-543-3620Wireless
Mobile Nation 877-732-2147Wireless
nTelos Wireless 877-468-3567Wireless
Q Link Wireless 855-754-6543Wireless
Safelink Wireless 800-723-3546Wireless
Sage Telecom Communications, LLC 888-449-4940Wireless
StandUp Wireless 800-544-4441Wireless
T-Mobile 800-866-2453Wireless
Tag Mobile 866-959-4918Wireless
Tempo Telecom 877-822-8501Wireless
Global Connection of America 877-511-3009Wireless
AT&T 800-288-2020Home Phone
Ballard Rural Telephone Coop 270-665-5186Home Phone
Brandenburg Telephone Company 270-422-2121Home Phone
Budget Phone 888-424-5588Home Phone
Cincinnati Bell 513-565-2210Home Phone
Coalfields Telephone 606-478-9401Home Phone
Cumberland Cellular, Inc. 270-343-3131Home Phone
Dialog Telecommunications 888-728-3669Home Phone
Duo County Telephone Cooperative Inc. 270-343-3131Home Phone
e-Tel 270-753-5312Home Phone
Foothills Rural Telephone Cooperative Corp., Inc. 606-297-3501Home Phone
Logan Telephone Cooperative 270-542-4121Home Phone
Mountain Rural Telephone 606-743-3121Home Phone
Peoples Rural Telephone Cooperative 606-287-7101Home Phone
South Central Rural Telephone Cooperative 270-678-2111Home Phone
South Central Telecom 270-678-2111Home Phone
SouthEast Telephone 888-364-9000Home Phone
TDS Telecom/Leslie County Telephone Company 888-225-5837Home Phone
TDS Telecom/Lewisport Telephone Co. 888-225-5837Home Phone
TDS Telecom/Salem Telephone Co. 888-225-5837Home Phone
Thacker-Grigsby Telephone Company 606-785-9500Home Phone
West Kentucky Rural Telephone Cooperative 877-954-8748Home Phone
Windstream Communications 800-347-1991Home Phone
Tag Mobile 866-959-4918Broadband
Telrite Corporation dba Life Wireless 888-543-3620Broadband
Easy Wireless 855-574-2036Broadband

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