Lifeline National Verifier

The FCC's 2016 Lifeline Modernization Order directed USAC to develop a National Lifeline Eligibility Verifier (National Verifier) to determine all subscriber eligibility, starting in 2017.

The National Verifier will determine initial subscriber eligibility, conduct annual recertification, populate the Lifeline Eligibility Database (all subscribers deemed eligible for the Lifeline Program), and calculate support payments.

The National Verifier will use both electronic and manual methods to process eligibility determinations.

How This Impacts Your Company
How This Impacts Your State
  • Continue following the existing eligibility verification processes until the National Verifier is deployed in that state.
  • The obligation of determining eligibility of your subscribers will shift from service providers to the National Verifier upon deployment in each state.
  • Once the National Verifier is deployed, it will handle the annual recertification process and replace the FCC Form 497.
  • In many states, there are processes or databases that enable eligibility verification, and the National Verifier aims to leverage these existing systems.
  • USAC is consulting with states and state administrators to implement the National Verifier in the most effective and efficient manner possible.


Key Dates

August 2017: USAC will announce the initial states for the National Verifier and begin releasing technology specifications.

October 2017: Training materials, including user guides and system demonstrations, will be available. Final versions of the user guides will be available prior to the soft launch.

December 2017: Soft launch of the National Verifier. USAC recommends that service providers use this period for testing, and to make sure existing processes and systems align with the National Verifier. Consumers will not have direct access to the system during the soft launch; they must continue to sign up for Lifeline through a service provider during this period. Additional system enhancements may occur between the soft launch and the hard launch.

March 2018: Hard launch of the National Verifier. On this date, service providers must use the National Verifier in select states to determine initial subscriber eligibility, and the National Verifier will conduct annual recertification on their behalf. Also, consumers can use the National Verifier to verify their own eligibility prior to contacting a service provider.

National Verifier Schedule

Feedback Opportunities

Stakeholder feedback is important to the National Verifier development and build process. USAC is seeking input from service providers and other users to ensure the system is intuitive and results in a low-burden, high-integrity environment.

Provide feedback any time via email, as a blog comment, or sign up as a feedback volunteer and USAC will contact you if you are selected as an interview/testing candidate. We also recommend attending the Lifeline Program Update Webinars for general updates about the National Verifier, or the technology forum (coming soon on the fourth Tuesday of each month) for discussing the system’s technology specifications.