Verify Subscriber Eligibility

Verification Process by State

States and service providers are responsible for verifying Lifeline customers' eligibility upon enrollment and recertifying them annually until the National Verifier is deployed. The process to verify eligibility varies by state.

On December 2, 2016, the qualifying eligibility programs were streamlined. This means service providers must confirm that the state-provided database or process they have been using to verify subscriber eligibility reflects the updated Federal Lifeline eligibility standards.

A number of state databases or processes, due to technical or legislative work, have informed USAC that they do not align with the Lifeline Program's eligibility guidelines as of December 2.

State Lifeline eligibility verification databases and processes fall into three categories:

States in Alignment with Federal Criteria

The following states communicated to USAC or the FCC that their Lifeline eligibility systems and processes were updated to align with the streamlined federal eligibility criteria by December 2, 2016. Lifeline providers can continue to rely on these states' databases and processes to determine subscriber eligibility.

States in this group are: Connecticut (CT), District of Columbia (DC), Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), Idaho (ID), Oregon (OR), Massachusetts (MA), Minnesota (MN), Nebraska (NE), Nevada (NV), New Jersey (NJ), North Carolina (NC), Pennsylvania (PA), Puerto Rico (PR), Tennessee (TN), Texas (TX), West Virginia (WV), and Wyoming (WY).

Additional states updated their eligibility systems and processes to align with the streamlined federal eligibility criteria at a later time.

States in this group are: Kentucky (KY; compliant as of 5/1/17)

States Not Aligned with Federal Criteria; Waiver Granted

These states have received a temporary waiver from the FCC. Lifeline providers can continue to rely on these states' databases and processes to determine subscriber eligibility until the effective date listed below or when the state has aligned its eligibility criteria with the Commission's Lifeline eligibility rules and updates its eligibility databases, whichever is sooner.

States in this group are: California (CA), Maryland (MD), Michigan (MI), New York (NY), Utah (UT), Vermont (VT), Washington (WA), and Wisconsin (WI).

Eligibility Rules Effective Dates


Effective Date


October 31, 2017


October 31, 2017


December 31, 2017

New York

December 1, 2017


October 31, 2017


October 31, 2017


June 30, 2017


December 31, 2017

More information on these temporary waivers can be found on the Order, released on December 1, 2016.

States Not Listed

If you are a Lifeline provider that relies on a state's Lifeline eligibility database or process that is not listed here, we urge you to contact the state directly to confirm whether the state intends to update the database or process to align with the streamlined federal eligibility criteria by December 2, 2016.

If a state's eligibility verification database or process is not updated to reflect the federal Lifeline program's streamlined eligibility criteria, you cannot rely on that database or process to determine a subscriber's eligibility starting December 2, 2016.

Lifeline providers will need to verify federal Lifeline eligibility a different way (such as a manual review of consumer documentation) for subscribers in that state.

Last updated on 12/19/16. This list will be updated regularly based on USAC's understanding of state processes and provider needs to remain in compliance. If you believe this information is inaccurate, please notify USAC.