Recertify Subscribers (FCC Form 555)

Recertification Election Option

Service providers may elect USAC to conduct the rolling recertification process on their behalf.

In accordance with the new rolling recertification rules, USAC will not conduct recertification for subscribers with anniversary dates that fall between January and June 2017 (the transition period), and will begin with recertification for anniversary dates in July 2017.

How to Elect USAC

To elect USAC, complete the recertification election spreadsheet and send the completed spreadsheet to USAC via email. Service providers may limit the SACs for which USAC performs the recertification process.

The election is considered final for every year until the service provider officially revokes the election. If a service provider does not elect USAC by the deadline, it is assumed that the service provider will conduct its own recertification process.


  • December 15, 2016: Elect (or revoke) USAC to perform the 2017 recertification process
  • January 31, 2018: File FCC Form 555

The Process

Please note: USAC is still finalizing its 2017 recertification process. More information to come.

USAC will conduct rolling recertification in batches throughout the year. The schedule will vary for each batch; USAC will share the timeline and schedule information with participating service providers once it is finalized.

Step 1: USAC Retrieves Subscriber Data

USAC will use the National Lifeline Accountability Database (NLAD) to retrieve subscriber information, including anniversary dates, for use during the recertification process.

Carriers are responsible for updating NLAD within ten (10) business days of receiving any change to an existing subscriber’s information contained in NLAD. The accuracy of information within NLAD is essential to USAC’s ability to efficiently manage recertification efforts.

Note: Do not email subscriber lists to USAC, as they contain sensitive, personally identifiable information about your subscribers.

Step 2: Letter and Call/Text to Subscriber

USAC will send a letter to each subscriber via U.S. Mail informing them that they are required to recertify their eligibility to continue receiving Lifeline-supported services.

The letter explains the recertification process, how to confirm continued eligibility, and that a response is required within 60 days or the subscriber will be de-enrolled (lose their discount).

USAC will also send subscribers several automated call or text message reminders to prompt a response during the 60-day period.

Step 3: Subscriber Responds

The subscriber must then respond to the letter by completing their recertification one of three ways:

    1. Phone: Call a toll-free number and complete the prompts from an automated voice response system.
    2. Online: Complete an online form using the USAC-maintained recertification website.
    3. Mail: Complete, sign, and return a hard-copy recertification form via U.S. Mail.

Any subscriber that does not respond within the 60-day period will be considered ineligible, and must be de-enrolled.
If the subscriber fails to respond, USAC will notify them (via phone call) that because they failed to recertify, their service provider is in the process of de-enrolling them from the Lifeline Program. The notice will also include the steps required to re-enroll in Lifeline if they are still eligible.

Step 4: De-Enroll Ineligible Subscribers

USAC will provide each service provider with the results from the recertification process once it is complete. This will include a list of subscribers that successfully recertified, as well subscribers that did not recertify.

Service providers must de-enroll the customers that failed to recertify within five (5) days of receiving the recertification results. The service provider must then use the recertification results to complete FCC Form 555, and submit to USAC by January 31.

How to Cancel your Election

To cancel your election by December 15, 2016, complete the recertification election spreadsheet (choose "revoke") by the election deadline, and send the completed spreadsheet to USAC via email.