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5/16/2017E-File Outage Due to System Maintenance: May 18

USAC's E-File system will be unavailable for 498 and 499 users on Thursday, May 18, from 9:00-11:00 PM ET, for system maintenance. FCC Forms for contributors and service providers will not be accessible. During this time, users will be unable to file, certify, and search for FCC Forms 498 and 499 online. 

EPC, HUBB, My Portal, NLAD, and High Cost/Lifeline forms will not be affected by this outage. We apologize for any inconvenience.

5/1/2017Support Calculations for Budget Control Mechanism Now Available

USAC announces support calculations for the budget control mechanism for July 2017 through June 2018, as required by the FCC’s Rate-of-Return Reform Order. Please see the Budget Control Mechanism for Rate of Return Carriers page for more information.  

4/20/2017FCC Form 481 Due July 3, 2017

Eligible telecommunications carriers (ETCs) can now log in to E-File and access the FCC Form 481, Carrier Annual Reporting Data Collection Form. 

You can find draft versions of the FCC Form 481 Template (PDF version), filing instructions, and all necessary upload templates, on the High Cost and Lifeline Forms web pages.

Please note that these documents are all drafts until the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) provides Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA) approval. You may begin and save your FCC Form 481, but will not be able to certify the filing. The certify and bulk certify buttons will be disabled until OMB approves the form. USAC will send a notification email when the buttons are activated and you are able to certify your filing.


4/12/2017FCC Announces Alaska Comparability Benchmarks

On April 11, 2017, the FCC released a Public Notice (DA 17-346) announcing the reasonable comparability voice and broadband benchmarks and confirming the minimum usage allowance requirements for Alaska Plan rate-of-return carriers and Alaska Communication Systems (ACS).

3/23/2017HUBB Filing Requirements Receive PRA Approval

On March 22, 2017, the FCC announced approval for the information collection associated with the Commission's Connect America Fund,Report and Order, Order and Order on Reconsideration, April 25, 2016, Report and Order, July 7, 2016, and Order, November 22, 2016. For more information, please see our HUBB landing page.  

3/9/2017FCC Releases Mobility Fund Phase II Order

On March 7, 2017, the FCC released an Order (FCC 17-11) adopting the framework for moving forward with the Mobility Fund Phase II (MF-II) and Tribal Mobility Fund Phase II, which will allocate up to $4.53 billion over the next decade to advance the deployment of 4G LTE service to areas that are so costly that the private sector has not yet deployed there and to preserve such service where it might not otherwise exist.  

2/24/2017HUBB Filing Deadlines

The High Cost Universal Broadband (HUBB) portal will soon be ready to accept broadband deployment data from carriers participating in the modernized Connect America Fund (CAF) programs. This data will show where carriers are building out mass-market, high-speed Internet service, and will eventually be displayed on a public-facing map showing the impact of Connect America funding on broadband expansion throughout rural America.

Extension of HUBB Filing Deadlines
On February 24, 2017, the FCC released an Order (DA 17-196) (1) temporarily extending the March 1, 2017 HUBB portal filing deadline for Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II carriers and Connect America Fund-Broadband Loop Support (CAF-BLS) recipients, and (2) clarifying the HUBB portal filing obligations for Alternative Connect America Cost Model (A-CAM) recipients with respect to “pre-existing” locations. As a result of this order, the first HUBB filing deadline for Phase II carriers will be no sooner than July 1, 2017, and the first HUBB filing deadline for CAF-BLS and A-CAM recipients will be no sooner than March 1, 2018. 

Pursuant to the Order:

  1. CAF Phase II carriers (including Alaska Communications Systems) must file locations deployed in 2016 by the later of July 1, 2017 or two weeks after Federal Register publication of Office of Management and Budget (OMB) approval, pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction Act, of the information collection requirements related to the HUBB portal (PRA approval).
  2. CAF BLS recipients must file locations deployed between May 25, 2016 (the effective date of the Rate-of-Return Reform Order) and December 31, 2016 by the later of March 11, 2018 or two weeks after PRA approval.
  3. A-CAM recipients must file locations deployed in 2016 and earlier (“pre-existing locations”) by March 1, 2019. (The FCC’s earlier public notice stated that pre-existing locations for ACAM recipients included locations deployed in 2015 and earlier.) As the rules currently require, A-CAM recipients must file locations deployed in 2017 by March 1, 2018.

HUBB Portal Launch Date
• The HUBB will be launched soon. USAC will notify carriers and other stakeholders when it becomes available.
• Until Paperwork Reduction Act approval is granted, carrier officers will not be able to certify location data.
• USAC will provide updates on the HUBB resource page, through the HUBB email distribution list, and other ongoing communications with stakeholders. For regular updates on the HUBB, please sign up for the HUBB email distribution list, entitled "High Cost Detailed HUBB Updates," in USAC's Subscription Center.

2/14/2017FCC Announces Results of 2017 Urban Rate Survey

On February 14, 2017, the FCC released a Public Notice (DA 17-167) announcing the 2017 rate floor for incumbent ETCs and reasonable comparability benchmarks for fixed voice and broadband services. In addition, the notice announced the posting of the fixed voice and broadband services data collected in the most recent urban rate survey, and explanatory notes regarding the data, on the FCC’s website. The notice also announces the required minimum usage allowance for ETCs subject to public interest obligations for fixed broadband.

The Public Notice indicates that each ETC providing fixed voice services must certify in the FCC Form 481 filed no later than July 1, 2017, that the pricing of its basic residential voice services is no more than $49.51. The reasonable comparability broadband benchmark varies, depending upon the supported service’s download and upload bandwidths and usage allowance. A table providing the details can be found in the Public Notice.

2/10/2017HUBB Is Coming Soon, Be Prepared! FAQs Now Available

The High Cost Universal Broadband (HUBB) portal will soon be live and ready to accept broadband deployment data from carriers participating in the modernized Connect America programs.

Carriers can take steps now to prepare for the HUBB launch and be ready to file data showing where they are building out mass-market, high-speed Internet service.

USAC is committed to helping carriers file successfully with the HUBB. Below are some resources from USAC and the FCC to help carriers collect geolocated broadband deployment data, check its accuracy, and upload it to the portal:

2/9/2017Buildout Methodology Selection made by All Carriers for CAF Broadband Loop Support

USAC has collected the buildout methodology selection made by all carriers for Connect America Fund Broadband Loop Support, including those with no buildout requirement (NBR). This information is now posted on USAC’s website on the High Cost Program Tools page.

2/7/2017Deployment Obligations for Rate-of-Return Carriers

On February 3, 2017, the FCC released updated information regarding the mandatory deployment obligations that will apply to rate-of-return carriers who remain on legacy universal service support mechanisms. This updated information now includes deployment obligations for ASTCA.

This information is now posted on USAC’s website on the High Cost Program Search Tools page.