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The High Cost data disbursement search tool can be used to search High Cost Program support and view disbursements to eligible telecommunications carriers. The tool provides for multiple search criteria to locate data for any month beginning with January 2003. Disbursement amounts can be searched by company name, state, study area, or service provider identification number. Use multiple criteria to narrow search results.

If you are searching by Study Area Name, please refer to the FCC Filings and use the most recent Appendix HC01 (High Cost Support Projected by State by Study Area) to find the Study Area's proper name. Any required data can be viewed in HTML or EXCEL and copied and/or cut and pasted into a worksheet for ease of use. High Cost disbursement data is updated monthly.

The retrieved data are broken down by High Cost Program and Connect America Fund components. These include High Cost Loop (HCL), High Cost Model (HCM), Interstate Access Support (IAS), Interstate Common Line Support (ICLS), Local Switching Support (LSS), as well as Long Term Support (LTS), which was merged with ICLS in July 2004. It also includes two HCL sub-components: Safety Net Additive (SNA) and Safety Valve Support (SVS). Connect America Fund components include Frozen High Cost Support (FHCS), Incremental Support (IS), Connect America Fund Intercarrier Compensation (ICC) , Mobility Fund Phase One (Mobility I), and Connect America Cost Model (CACM).


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This disbursement tool contains data from Jan 2003 through Feb 2015.