High Cost

Getting Started

Process Overview

Wireline and wireless telephone companies seeking to participate in any of the High Cost Program support components must be designated as eligible telecommunications carriers (ETCs) as well as meet ongoing requirements for each component.

Applying for High Cost Program Support

Incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) can be a combination of either rural or non-rural companies, and price cap or rate-of-return companies. Applying for these categories determine the type of High Cost Program support for which an ILEC is eligible. A competitive eligible telecommunications carrier (CETC) receives High Cost Program support based on the status of the ILEC in whose service area the CETC operates.

What are the steps in the process?

Telecom Carriers
Step 1: What is Supported
Step 2: Eligibility
Step 3: Obtain a SPIN
Step 4: Filing Requirements
Step 5: File Line Counts
Step 6: File Certifications
Step 7: Disaggregation Plans
Step 8: Report Revenue  
State Commissions
Step 1: New ETC Notification
Step 2: Non-rural Use Certification
Step 3: Rural Use Certification
Step 4: Rate Comparability Review