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These learning tools are designed to help you understand and manage the form filing process, FCC requirements, and other elements of the High Cost Program. Tools include videos, recorded webinars, and interactive modules.

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FCC Form 690 Webinar
33:19 minutes | March 2014
An overview of FCC Form 690, the Mobility Fund Phase I Annual Report Form. Includes background and regulatory history, filing requirements, data inputs, and E-File entitlements for accessing the form.

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FCC Form 481 Webinar
56:06 minutes | March 2014
An overview of what's new in 2014, including filing requirements, how to file online, how to access E-File, and a walkthrough of form inputs and certifications.

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FCC's Connect America Fund Phase II Webinar Series


Process Webinar
51:24 minutes | September 2013
An overview of Connect America Fund Phase II, an update about progress in implementing Phase II, what major issues need to be resolved, and how states can participate in this process.

Model Webinar
49:53 minutes | September 2013
An overview of the model, information on how to access the model, and resources available to better understand the model.
Recorded Webinar

Challenge Process Webinar
48:17 minutes | September 2013
Describes the process by which parties, including states, can challenge whether an area is served by an unsubsidized competitor for purposes of determining eligible areas for funding.

More Topics


E-File Roles and Responsibilities: Managing Entitlements Webinar
47:29 minutes | October 2013
Explaining the roles of Company Officers and General Contacts in establishing and managing authorized users, and authorized user roles for FCC Forms 498, 499, 497, 525, 472, 481, and RHC invoices, in E-File.

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Recorded Webinar

Best Practices Webinar
19:20 minutes | March 2011
Information on line counts, asset valuation, intra-company allocation, system security, de/regulated allocation, adequate advertisement, ETC certification by area, usage, and revenue reporting.

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INTERACTIVE MODULE: Navigate through an interactive module to learn how to complete tasks integral to universal service programs. Requires Adobe Flash software.

Recorded Webinar

RECORDED WEBINAR: View a recorded webinar from start to finish.


VIDEO: Watch a video and learn about a variety of topics from form filing tips to program process overviews and common concerns.