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Filing & Managing My 499

Schedule of Filings

As general guidance for filing the FCC Forms 499-A/Q (Telecommunications Reporting Worksheets):

  • Forms must be received by USAC on or before the due date to be considered timely filed
  • The FCC Form 499-A (Annual Telecommunications Reporting Worksheet ) reports historical revenue with a one-year deadline from the original due date for downward revisions
  • The four FCC Forms 499-Q (Quarterly Telecommunications Reporting Worksheets) project future quarters' revenue and are only open for revisions for 45 days after the original due date
  • When a form due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the form is due the following business day
  • USAC will charge late filing penalties when a required form is not filed by the due date

Filing Schedule

Form Name Form Due Date Revenue Reported Downward Revision Deadline

FCC Form 499-Q

February 1

Projected 2nd Quarter:
April - June

45 days from due date

FCC Form 499-A

April 1

Historical Prior Year:
January - December

1 year from due date

FCC Form 499-Q

May 1

Projected 3rd Quarter:
July - September

45 days from due date

FCC Form 499-Q

August 1

Projected 4th Quarter:
October - December

45 days from due date

FCC Form 499-Q

November 1

Projected 1st Quarter (following year): January - March

45 days from due date