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These links are provided as a record of past postings, but the links have been disabled because they become obsolete over time. For information about where a past posting was linked, please contact us.


12/8/2016  Schools and Libraries ESL Glossary
Now Available
11/18/2016  High Cost Filing Geolocated Broadband Deployment Data
New Web Page and Tool
11/4/2016  Lifeline LIHEAP, TANF, and NSLP Retired as Qualifying Programs on Dec. 2
Learn More
10/31/2016  Lifeline New 2016 Lifeline Modernization Order Rules Effective Dec. 2
Learn More
10/25/2016  High Cost 2017 1st Half Budget Analysis for RoR Carriers
Now Available!
10/10/2016  Rural Health Care Videos and Webinar Recordings
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10/10/2016  Rural Health Care FY2016 Filing Window Periods
Learn More
10/10/2016  Rural Health Care HCF Program Invoice Deadline Lookup Tool
Search by HCP# or FRN
10/10/2016  Lifeline Lifeline Program Update Webinars
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10/10/2016  Lifeline Benefit Port Freeze
60 Days for Voice, 12 Months for Broadband
10/10/2016  Lifeline Rolling Recertification
Process and 2017 Transition Period
10/10/2016  Lifeline Lifeline-Supported Broadband
Starts on Dec. 2
10/10/2016  High Cost Rate-of-Return Reform Order
Tools to Help You Decide
10/10/2016  High Cost Rate of Return Reform Order Q&A Webinar (October 2016)
Recording, Slides, FAQs
9/16/2016  Schools and Libraries FRN Status Tool (FY2016)
Now Available
9/13/2016  Schools and Libraries FY2017 Eligible Services List
Now Available
9/13/2016  Schools and Libraries E-rate Program Applicant Trainings
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9/13/2016  Schools and Libraries EPC Instructional Videos
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8/12/2016  Schools and Libraries Service Provider EPC Issues Tracker
Now Available
8/5/2016  Schools and Libraries EPC Service Provider Technical Issue Tracker
 See what updates are coming soon.
6/22/2016  Schools and Libraries Invoicing Changes
BEAR invoicing is changing
6/3/2016  Contributors Request a Copy of Your Invoice
 via email
5/10/2016  Schools and Libraries FY2016 Filing Window Extended
Now Closes for Libraries and Consortia on July 21
5/5/2016  High Cost Walkthrough of FCC Form 481 for Program Year 2017 Webinar - May 17
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4/15/2016  Schools and Libraries FY2016 Filing Window for Schools and School Districts
Now Closed
4/6/2016  Schools and Libraries Training for E-rate Service Providers in Atlanta and Los Angeles: Rescheduled for June
Registration Now Open
4/6/2016  High Cost Draft FCC Form 481 Bulk Upload Templates
Now Available
4/6/2016  High Cost Rate of Return Reform Order Webinar (April 2016)
Recording, Slides, FAQs
2/26/2016  Schools and Libraries Filing Window Headquarters
View Here!
2/5/2016  Contributors Filing the 2016 FCC Form 499-A: 3 Webinars
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2/5/2016  Schools and Libraries File Along with Me
A New Step-by-Step Blog
2/5/2016  Schools and Libraries Join us for a Webinar
 FCC Form 471 Walkthrough or E-rate Program Overview
2/5/2016  Schools and Libraries Category Two Budget Tool for FY2015
 View Here!
2/4/2016  Schools and Libraries View Submitted FY2015 FCC Forms 471
 Use the Tool