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Universal Service

USAC Fast Facts

Below is a selection of facts and figures that illustrate some of the operations and responsibilities that USAC carries out as administrator of universal service collections and disbursements.

2013 USAC Expenses

USAC Administrative Expenses
2013 Disbursements
Administrative Expenses
Administrative Expense Rate

2013 Contributions

3,125 contributors at year-end 60,766 invoices processed

2013 Universal Service Programs

High Cost Program
Approved Disbursements
$4.17 billion
110 million lines supported
1,803 study areas receiving support 19,052 payments
Lifeline Program
Approved Disbursements
$1.80 billion
14.47 million lines supported
2,205 study areas receiving support 15,158 payments
Rural Health Care Program
Approved Disbursements
$92 million
3,808 health care providers supported
541 service providers 1,704 payments
Pilot Program
Approved Disbursements
$67 million
3,600 health care providers supported
165 service providers 625 payments
Schools and Libraries Program
Approved Disbursements
$2.20 billion
32,445 applications funded
4,203 service and equipment providers

46,609 payments

Service Quality Reports

The Service Quality Report consists of information USAC gathers every month about complaints received about USAC, complaints received about other parties involved with universal service, total inquiries received, and the time it takes USAC to respond to and resolve complaints.